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Sitting or lying down

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Q: What position should a patient never be in when having blood drawn?
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How should patients be prepared for an aldosterone assay?

Since posture and body position affect aldosterone, hospitalized patients should remain in an upright position (at least sitting) for two hours before blood is drawn. Occasionally blood will be drawn again before the patient.

What position should the patient be in to increase arterial perfusion?

The fetal position provides great blood flow, and is one I would recommend. An alternative is to elevate the feet above the head. This is sometimes referred to as the Trindel (Trindle) Position.

When would you placed a patient in trendelenburg position?

when your patients blood pressure is low.

What time of day is best for a plasma renin activity?

since renin is affected by body position, as well as by diurnal (daily) variation, blood samples should be drawn in the morning, and the position of the patient (sitting or lying down) should be noted.

What do i do as a medical assistant if a patient faints?

A medical assistant can help a patient who is fainting by helping the patient get to a seated position. This lessens the risk of injury to the patient from falling. The medical assistant should then instruct the patient to lower his or her head below the knees. This promotes blood flow to the brain. The patient should then be instructed by the medical assistant to breathe slowly and deliberately. In the meantime, the medical assistant should seek further assistance from a physician or other healthcare professional. The source of the patient's fainting (syncope) should be obtained.

Can a A- tive blood group donate her lungs to the patient having AB-tive blood groip?

lungs can not be donated.

Why can patient with type AB blood get blood from all blood type donors?

Because he or she can receive all blood type for transfusion without having blood clumps.

Why can a patient with type AB blood get blood from all blood type donor?

Because he or she can receive all blood type for transfusion without having blood clumps.

What medications need to be stopped before having a tooth pulled?

The patient's use of drugs that thin the blood (anticoagulants). These medications include warfarin (Coumadin) and aspirin. The patient should stop using these medications for three days prior to extraction.

Why the patient of pleural effusion should lie towards the side of the lung which is having pleural effusion?

Positioning the patient with pleural effusion on the affected side helps improve ventilation and blood flow to the more functional lung, aiding in better oxygenation. This position can also help re-expand the collapsed lung and promote drainage of the pleural effusion.

What should Hypotension of unknown etiology in a trauma patient should be assumed to result from?

blood loss

Why should venipuncture be avoided on the affected side when a patient has had a mastectomy?

A patient who has had mastectomy may have blood drawn. You should avoid the side that has had lymph node dissection.