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A bear.

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Q: What sleeps in winter and wake up in spring?
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What do the trees do in the winter?

they start to go to sleep and when the spring come they began to wake up

How do ladybugs sleep and where?

Ladybugs hibernate in the winter and wake up just as spring flowers are starting to bloom. This sleep period allows them to survive the cold weather, and you can mimic that winter rest period by placing them in the refrigerator.

What month do bears go into hibernation?

they dont, there is not a single of species of bear that have ever been known to hibernate. bears torper during winter, this is when they sleep, but can still wake up and walk around, hibernation is when an animal is in a deep sleep for the whole winter and cannot and will not wake up at all. torper is just like a lazy sunday morning when you wake up at 6:00, then fall asleep, then wake up and walk around again, then fall asleep. its the same concept

What animals hibernate in Autumn?

In autumn, animals like chipmunks, ground squirrels, some bat species, and hedgehogs typically prepare for hibernation. They will gather and store food to sustain them through the winter months when food is scarce, and they will find a safe, sheltered spot to hibernate until spring.

How will burying nuts help a squirrel survive in the winter?

It helps them so when they wake up and nut trees are just starting to grow the nuts and the squirrel is starving it has some food to eat. Anyways they don't wake up during hibernation so they won't need the food until spring.

What happens to frogs when lake freezes?

Nothing. Frogs hibernate. It's called estivation. They are dug into the mud or the land and have gone to sleep for the winter. When Spring arrives they'll wake up and enjoy the weather.

What is one fact about grizzlies?

They are bears. Well, besides the obvious, during the fall, they stock up on food, and eat until they get fat. When winter comes, they hibernate in their dens, and only wake when spring comes.

What do squirrels do in during the spring?

Here are the 4 seasons of what they do: summer- they come out and explore spring- they wake up from hibernation fall- getting ready for hibernation winter- they start hibernating

What happens to a deciduous tree in the spring?

they wake up and go like hi everyone

What do lizzards do in summer?

They search for food for the winter. Then they eat all they can. Later they find a nice warm cave, maybe start a fire, you know roast some wieners, then they fall asleep and wake up in the spring. If they see their shadow its 6 more weeks of winter for us.

What time does akinator wake up at?

Akinator never sleeps! actually... he is a computer software and unlike living things he does not need to sleep! he is always there to answer your questions!

Do hamsters act different in the winter?

No they do not, unless your room is colder in winter they tend to hibernate, which they shouldn't do so my advice is keep you room warm in winter or autumn but if your hamster is already hibernating then then don't try to wake him/her up because they will not feel it so instead turn your room temperature up and he/she will gradually wake up!