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Yes. When a woman goes through menopause, her menstruation will end. The average age for menopause is in the early 50's.

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Q: When does menstruation usually end?
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What is the time in life when a woman's menstruation ends?

There is no set age for a woman's menstruation to begin or end.

How do you end menstruation early?

By having a hystrectomy operation.

What is bleeding at the end of the reproductive cycle called?

Periods or menstruation.

Stage in a girl's life when menstruation usually starts?

Menstruation usually starts after the breasts have started developing. It normally happens from the ages of 8-16. It will be obvious that a girl is getting near womanhood.

Your menstruation period is usually 31 days but one month it came to 37 days is this a problem?

your menstruation period is actually 28 days

Do you gain weight on during menstruation?

Yes, usually. Most women gain about 2-5 pounds before and during menstruation, on average.

When do symptoms of menstrual dysmenorrhea occur?

The symptoms typically start a day or two before menstruation, usually ending when menstruation actually begins.

Is anal menstruation normal?

Anal bleeding is usually caused by hemorrhoids, not by menstruation. It could also be a symptom of a more serious gastro-intestinal illness, but it is never menstruation, which happens in a different orifice entirely.

What is the regular menstruation cycle usually occurs every?

28 days

How long usually is a woman's menstruation cycle?

mostly 4 to 7

Can you menstruate during menopause?

Generally no because menopause is described at the end of menstruation.

What occurs at the end of a females monthly cycle?