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they dont all but its because of depression or family friends or the feeling that everyone hates your or beacause of love is usually why but a razor or just any knife its rlly sad my best friend cuts herself and if u do too just no that it dosnt help hun and it makes it just so much worse and your not alone if your hiding it then dont tell your closist ever friend the one person that loves ya and u love to like family and let them help you thyl listin and theyl no what to say

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well dah u think ? lol just think what cuts you ? ?

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Q: With what do emos cut themselves?
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Do scene people cut themselves?

No, and really, thays the main big difference between scenesters and emos, Emos cut, Scenesters do not. Otherwise, Scenes and emos are very similar.

What is the climax in Hacking Harvard?

the climax is when the emos cut themselves

Why do emos cut themselves in the bathtub?

i think cause the water sofftens the skin , so its eaiser to cut

When do emos cut themselves?

Well, when do "normal people" take things out on others? When they're mad. Well, that's basically when "emos" cut. Or they do it from cases of boredom. It all varies.

When people cut themselves to relieve stress what is it called?

its gothic not just cutting other harms and emos only some cut themselves.

Is it emo or sims the same?

First of all, it is called scene. And, no. They are not the same. Emos actually cut themselves. Scenes are just wanna-be emos

What are people called that cut themselves?

no not just emos but the word is suicidal people that cut themself is called suicidal.

Does it hurt when emos cut there self?

Yes. They want it to because they feel bad about themselves.

Why do peope cut themselves?

First people DO NOT CUT THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE EMO. Don't believe all emos cut themselves just because its what real emos do, because its wrong. People cut themselves for multiple reasons 1.Bullying 2.they think hurting themselves will make things right problems 4.people problems (relationships, etc.) 5.they like to (sadly)

Why do emos cut there selves?

The truth is not all emos cut themselves. The ones that do, if acrossed the wrist are doing it for attection. But if they go down the veins they are trying to kill themselves. If that is the case talk to them, they may push you away but all they need is someone they can trust to talk to.

Where do emo cute themselves?

Do u mean cut you spelled cute and y does it matter all emos don't cut thereself that's just a stupid stereo type most emos that do cut probably only do it because they think u hafta cut to be emo so don't just assume all emos cut cuz they don't.

Do emos hate themselves?

No, emos don't hate themselves, but they do hate it when people think stereotypical things like that. Keep in mind :] No, emos don't hate themselves. But some do hate life.