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Q: How much does Pulmonary surfactant cost?
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Name of surfactant that breaks surface tension in the lungs?

Am pretty sure its called the pulmonary surfactant that's produced from the lungs

What is the detergent-like substance which reduces the surface tension in the lungs?

Surfactant! or 'Pulmonary Surfactant' Just had one of those moments too :)

What is the lipid-based molecule called that coats the air-exposed surface of the alveolus?

The lipid-based molecule that coats the air-exposed surface of the alveolus is called pulmonary surfactant. Pulmonary surfactant reduces surface tension, preventing alveolar collapse and allowing for efficient gas exchange in the lungs.

How much does Surfactant cost?

The cost of surfactant can vary depending on the type, quantity, and brand. Generally, prices range from $10 to $50 per gallon. It is recommended to check with suppliers or retailers for specific pricing information.

How surfactant prevents from pulmonary edema?

surface tension of fluid lining the alveoli pull fluid from alveolar wall by average pressure= -3 mmHg in normal lung , but without surfactant it's increased to -20 mmHg , thus massive filtration of the fluid leads to pulmonary edema .

What is a phosphlolipid that lowers the surface tension of the alveoli preventing them from collapsing?

The Great (Type 2) Alveolar cells secrete pulmonary surfactant and prevent the cells from collasping.

What substance is made by the lungs to help reduce the surface tension of water in the alveolar?

Pulmonary surfactant...see link for more information.

What keep the alveoli from collapsing?

Alveoli does not collapse because lungs always have a residual volume which prevents the alveoli to collapse.

How much surfactant is in a bar of soap?

A surfactant is a substance that, when mixed with a liquid, reduces its surface tension. There are usually two or more surfactants in a bar of soap.

What do surfactant do?

A surface-active agent 'surfactant' usually cleans something. ie -soap is a surfactant.

What is the fluid in the alveoli called?

The fluid in the alveoli of the lungs is called pulmonary surfactant. It helps to reduce surface tension and prevent the alveoli from collapsing, allowing for efficient gas exchange during respiration.

What cells secrete surfactant that reduces the tendency for pulmonary alveoli to collapse?

Type II alveolar cells in the lungs secrete surfactant, which is a specialized fluid that lowers surface tension in the alveoli. This reduces the tendency for the alveoli to collapse during exhalation and helps maintain the elasticity of the lungs for efficient gas exchange.