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OXYMORPHONE IS narcotic analgesic, and is a CLASS II OR SCHEDULE II, controlled substance. The generic name is oxymorphone and the BRAND name is NUMORPHAN. It is available only by prescription and is a strong pain killer. It comes in an injection 1mg/ml and 1.5mg/ml. I also comes in a 5mg suppositories. It's generally used in a hospital setting for severe pain.

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what is oxymorphine for and what do it look like

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Q: What is oxymorphone?
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What combinations of drugs can produce a positive urine test for oxymorphone?

Aside from oxymorphone itself, when oxycodone is metabolized, one of the metabolites is oxymorphone.

Are Oxycontin and oxymorphone the same drug on a drug screen?

oxycodone metabolizes to oxymorphone and oxymorphone is what it is. It would take a GC test and a very good lab tech to tell any difference.(test of around $850.00)

What is the ingredients in Opana ER?

Opanas are either E.R.(extended release), or I.R. (immediate release) oxymorphone.

Is Oxycontin the same as oxymorhpone?

No. However, oxycodone metabolizes into oxymorphone in the liver. There are separate oxymorphone preparations such as numorphan (injectable solution. not sure if they are around anymore) and opana (extended release oxyMORPHONE in the way that Oxycontin is extended release oxyCODONE).

Where does Oxymorphone come from?

Oxymorphone is a semi-synthetic opioid drug related to morphine and codeine. It is derived from thebaine, a constituent of opium gum from poppies.

Does oxycodone metabolize into oxymorphone?

Yes, in about 90% of patients studied there were levels of oxymorphone equivilant to the levels of oxycodone when the patients had only taken oxycodone.

How do you convert Fentanyl patch to oral oxymorphone?

You can't.

What category does oxycodone and oxymorphone come up in a drug test?

Oxymorphone is a minor metabolite of oxycodone. So Oxycodone, single panel for some milti panel drug tests.

Does oxymorphone show up as opiate?

Oxymorphone is an opioid, not an opiate. Nevertheless, it will be detected by a standard pre-employment type drug screen.

How long does oxymorphone stay in your system if snorted?

Yes am I right or wrong?

Is morphine in fentanyl?

No, Percocet is not oxymorphone. Oxymorphone is a combination of oxycodone and morphine. Percocet is just oxycodone, except for 5's and 10's they also have acetaminophen in them.

Does opana have a morphine in it?

no, Opana is time release OXYMORPHONE but, it is very similar to morphine.