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Tresemme shampoo originated was created by Godefroy Manufacturing in 1947 and was marketed only to salons. The current owners of the brand, Unilever, took over in 2010.

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Q: Where did tresemme shampoo come from?
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Is tresemme' shampoo a good pH balanced shampoo?


Where can I purchase for oily hair only shampoo?

Tresemme' shampoo works great

Is tresemme a good hair product?

Tresemme does make good hair products, escpecially hair sprays. But they do not make the best shampoo and conditioners. Although Tresemme makes a good volumising shampoo, Pantene makes the best.

Which shampoo is better for my hair?

tresemme is best for your hair

Does Tresemme shampoo contain sulphates?

Some Tresemme shampoos contain sulfates, while others are sulfate-free. Check the label on the specific product you are considering to see if it contains sulfates.

Can black people use tresemme?

all races can use shampoo and conditioner it matters what you need in it

Which shapoo is the best?

Tresemme is a good shampoo but I've heard that Aussie is really good swell!

Can I use Tresemme coupons at the salon so I can see if it really is as good as salon brands?

No, But if you are going to use tresemme brand specially Tresemme Moisture it is good as a salon brand. This brand is rich with vitamin e for dry and damaged hair shampoo and conditioner.

Tresemme is my new favorite shampoo, are there some good coupons out there?

Yes, Tresemme always have good coupons available on their website, Walgreens, CVS, Target and there are other stores that have the product available as well.

What are some popular brands of shampoo used in salons?

Nicky Clark and John Frieda are two brands that come to mind when thinking about Salon Name Shampoo Brands. However If you're looking for something to use at home them Tresemme is a more affordable product!

Is tresemme a good shampoo?

In my opinion, Tresemme is a very good shampoo, but it works better if you also use the conditioner. But the onyl thing is, it depends on what type of hair you have, because just because it works on mine or anyone elses it does not mean it will work as well on yours, but it might! you have to try it!best of luck ♥

What are tresemme shampoo ingredients?

Tresemme shampoo typically contains ingredients such as water, sodium Laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium chloride, fragrance, and citric acid. It may also contain additional ingredients depending on the specific formulation.