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Amendment 15 says all citizens have the right to vote.

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Q: Amendment 15 says all citizens have the right to what?
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Related questions

What amendment says the all citizens were able to vote?

The 15th amendment gave African Men the right to vote, and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

What amendment says all laws must be equally applied to all US citizens?

The 5th Amendment

Which amendment gives the right to vote to all male citizens?

The 15th Amendment gave all males the right to vote.

What right does the 19th amendment guarantee?

The 19th amendment guarantees all citizens the right to vote regardless of sex.

Which right does the 15th Amendment guarantee for all male U.S. citizens?

the right to vote

What amendment from the bill of rights protects Khalids right to be a Muslim?

The first amendment states that all citizens have the right to freedom of religion.

What amendment gives all citizens the right to vote regaurdless of race?

The 15

Which amendment granted all us citizens the right to vote?

The 19th at amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America granted the right to vote to all US citizens. Up until this point women were not allowed to vote.

What amendment is the government confiscates all guns from citizens?

What are you asking? There is no amendment in the U.S. constitution that allows the government to confiscate guns. The 2nd amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to bear arms.

What led to the adoption of the 15th amendment?

The 15th Amendment provides all black citizens with the right to vote. This amendment was adopted after the Civil War in which black citizens of the United States were declared free.

Is it that the second amendment guarantees all US citizens the right to the travel abroad?


What is the eight amendment?

The Eighth Amendment guarantees all US citizens the right to reasonable bail and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.

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