Are blue ninjas real

Updated: 11/1/2022
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Yes, ninjas did wear blue clothes (called shozukus) but in Japanese plays at the time the people who went on set to put props on etc. wore black ( or similar dark colors) and some people thought the people who wore black were the ninjas.

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Q: Are blue ninjas real
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Are there such things as blue ninjas?

Ninjas had no "color", they wore whatever color hide them well in their environment.

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Ninjas are real and they are found everywhere.

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You don't give the ninjas the lily, you give it to the saleswoman in the middle on nabooti island.

Are day ninjas real?

Yes they are, they wear white to blend into the white light surroundings. And those who disbelieve in them will be attcaked by these ninjas in the mall.

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The real Ninjas started out in Kobe, Japan because the Japanese military needed people who could easily find out the enemie's secrets. They only killed if they needed to. They wore dark blue, green, and white to blend in with their environment, but Never wore black! The TV Ninjas seemed to be created as killing machines who set out to destroy anyone the Samurai wouldn't kill. The TV Ninjas always wore either beautiful, flowing colors or black, which could easily give them away in moonlight and sunlight. The only way that real Ninjas and TV Ninjas are alike is that they fight the same way. With authentic Japanese weapons or with their own body in Unarmed Combat.

Is konoha high real?

maybe in japan.i donno if there are ninjas there,though.(that would be so cool...)

When and Where did the art of ninjas start And do you enjoy ninjas?

It began in the ghettos of Kobe, Japan, and yes, i do enjoy ninjas! There was no art of Ninjas ninjas didn't exist