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Yes you can and there is nothing wrong by giving one of your own kind a compliment or mentioning it to someone else. My husband has said, "That guys sure good looking" or I've said, "That woman is sure striking looking." It's a very independent and confident person that can give compliments to their own sex. If someone makes the comment you are gay by paying a compliment to another guy, tell them to blow it out of their cake hole! LOL You sound like one of the confident guys and don't let anyone trip you up on that. Be yourself! Marcy Absolutely...there is a difference between thinking someone is hott and having feelings for them and just admiring someone else's beauty. It is more common for a straight girl to see that another girl is pretty than for a straight man to say that another man is handsome...but that doesnt mean its not possible...but if you are straight then i dont think you sould go around announcing to people that you think other guys are cute..that might not be too good...

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2006-03-21 23:54:49
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Q: Can a straight guy tell if another guy is good looking?
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No. All men have the ability to judge another man's appearance. Homophobia scares guys into pretending they can't tell if another guy is good looking, but a real man doesn't have homophobia.

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Should a straight man be able to tell if another man is good looking?

Of course. Being straight doesn't mean you can't look objectively at another man and tell whether he's attractive. The same general things that make women attractive make men attractive: Large, clear eyes, symmetry, good health, style, etc. It's not homosexual in the least to look at a man and see his handsomeness. =Answer= Women are more prone to give other women compliments than men giving other men a compliment as far as attractiveness goes. Men are fearful if they utter a comment such as "Man, that guy is good looking" that he will be labeled gay. Men and women that are confident in themselves should have no problems give compliments to the same sex.

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