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No, the term American comes from the word America. The "new world" was named America by an Italian map maker.

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Q: Did Benjamin Franklin coin the term American?
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Who coined the term American Dream?

Benjamin Franklin

What is a Benjamin?

A Benjamin is slang for the one hundred dollar bill. It is so named because Benjamin Franklin is the historical figure on the bill.

What did Benjamin Franklin say about bacteria?

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg introduced the term bacterium in 1828 after Benjamin Franklin had died. Ben Franklin died in 1790. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin said nothing about bacteria.

What year did Benjamin Franklin invent the Franklin battery?

1750, Franklin coined the word battery for any number of capacitors (used to store electricity) wired together. From the term "gun battery"

Short term effects of alcohol on erections?

Benjamin Franklin said it best: it increaseth the desire, but decreaseth the performance.

What did Benjamin Franklin use to discover electricity in lightning?

He used a kite that's where the term "flying kite in the rainstorm" comes from.

Someone wrote a book about Benjamin Franklin's life Which term would be used to classify that book most exactly?

historical fiction

Who coined the term an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

It is attributed to Benjamin Franklin and is said to have appeared in Poor Richard's Almanac.

What American president was voted into an unprecedented 4th term?

franklin d roseivelt

When was electricity produced and how?

The term "electricity" is derived from a term used by William Gilbert in 1600 to describe static electricity. The discovery that lightning is electrical was made by Benjamin Franklin in 1759.

Who was the only American president to serve four term?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What president was the son of a state governor?

Franklin Pierce was the son of Benjamin Pierce, two-term governor of New Hampshire. (William Henry Harrison's father , Benjamin, was governor or Virginia before it became a state. )