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Q: Did Marco polo break any world records?
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What did Marco polo's wife look like?

There are no existing descriptions or depictions of Marco Polo's wife. Historical records do not provide details about her appearance.

Did marco polo invent marco polo?

No Marco Polo did not invent the game Marco Polo.

Is Marco Polo is considered an indirect discoverer of the New World?

is marco polo consider direct discoverer of the new world

Who wrote Description of the World?

Rustichello da Pisa and Marco Polo wrote The Travels of Marco Polo.

Was Marco Polo an explorer in the new world?

Marco Polo is not regarded as an explorer in the new world. There are no official documents that prove he travelled to American and Oceania. Marco Polo only explored Europe to Asia.

Was Marco polo chinse?

No. Marco Polo was not Chinese, but Venetian from Italy. He was world famous for his trading among the Chinese.

Who was the Venetian explorer that traveled Asia?

Marco Polo

What was Marco Polo's book called?

Marco Polo wrote ( or dictated, more properly) The Book of Marco Polo.

How do you draw Marco polo?

marco polo

Did Marco polo travel all over the world?


What was Marco polo's contribution to the world?

Mapping asia

When did Marco polo explore the world?

1254 to 1324