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no, Judith Jamison didn't have any children on her own

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Q: Did judith jamison have children on her own?
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What is judith jamison's full name?

Judith Ann Jamison

When was Judith Jamison born?

Judith Jamison was in Philadelphia,PA in 1943

Did Judith Ann Jamison ever marry?

No, Judith ann Jamison had never gotten married !

How tall is dancer judith jamison?

She is 5' 10" tall.

How old is Judith Jamison?

Judith Jamison is 74 years old (birthdate May 10, 1943).

Is Judith Jamison dead?

NO! She is not.

What do judith jamison do?

she dances ballet.

What is the name of judith jamison's dance company?

what was the name of judith jamison dance company

Judith jamison's mother wanted her to be?


What did judith jamison mother want her to be?


Did judith jamison have siblings?

yes she has a brother named john

Where do judith jamison live at?

She lives in New York City