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Answer #2: Madam C. J. Walker did not attend college. She had very little formal education as a child, but eventually attended night school and hired a personal tutor. Educational opportunities for women and for African Americans were much more limited during the late 1800s when she was a young woman.

Source: On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C. J. Walker by A'Lelia Bundles

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Madam cj walker did not attend college infact she had little to no type of education because she had to work alot and never had time to go to school.

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Q: Did madam cj walker go to collage?
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Did madam cj walker go to college?

No, Madame CJ Walker didn't go to school, she was taught by a woman from her church.

What college did madam cj walker go to?

Madam CJ Walker didn't attend any college she was taught by one of the member at he church

What hardships did Madam CJ Walker go through?

Getting a job

Did madam cj walker go to jail?

no she did not go to jail because she was a good woman

What were Madam CJ Walker's childhood?

Madame CJ Walker had to go to an orphanage and plus she had to get selled back and fourth of slavery to my answer is true and real.

Where did Sarah breedlove go to school?

Sarah breedlove (madam cj walker did not go to school. she was taught by women at her church

What motivated madam cj walker to become an entrepreneur?

i believe that she was a very strong women who had incarrigement to get where she was trying to go

How did madam cj walker make her products?

mix champane in a pot with grapes put lotion in it and eat it spit it out and there you go

What school did Madam CJ Walker attend?

i dont know what high shool she attended but she didnt go to college sorry was lookin for the answer to LDK

Where did madam cj walker to school?

she didn't have enough money 2 go 2 school so when she became famouse she paid a tutor.

What is madam cj walker personal information?

Her personal information is that she loved doing hair and if u don't get the message go to the official website of madam cj walker she's the best and don't forget if it wasn't for her colored people will still have nappy hair no offense you colored people.... This is by a Teacher named Tasha Johnson

Where did Madame CJ Walker go to school?

Madame C. J. Walker never attended college no madam walker did not go to school, she aws taught by a woman from her church

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