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Was the 29th Infantry Division involved in the Battle of the Bulge?

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The US 28th Infantry Division did. The Division, which in peacetime is the Pennsylvania National Guard, had been badly cut up during the fighting in the Huertgen Forest in the autumn of 1944. It had been sent to "rest" in what was thought to be the quiet sector of the Ardennes, where it was one of the units the initial German onslaught fell upon. The Division suffered heavy losses and was somewhat scattered but its scattered fragments remained in the line and fought for many days before being pulled back for reorganization.

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Q: Did the 28th division fight in the Battle of the Bulge?
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94th Infantry Division battle of the bulge?

Yes, the 110th (as part of the 28th Infantry Division) was essentially destroyed in the first few days of the German offensive in the Ardennes. The exploits of the 28th in the Bulge are chronicled in the book "Alamo in the Ardennes".

What infantry was called bloody bucket in World War 2?

I believe that was the 28th "Keystone" Infantry Division because their Shoulder Sleeve Insignia is a bright red keystone that resembles a bucket. I read that term somewhere recently and I believe that is what it referred to. The Pennsylvania Army National Guard's 28th Infantry Division does wear a red "keystone" patch on their shoulder. The patch became known as the "bloody bucket" after WWII, during which the Division suffered massive casualties during the fighting to liberate Europe, particularly in the Ardennes forest and during the Battle of the Bulge, in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne. My dad was a sgt at the Battle of the Bulge and told me that the Germans tagged the 28th with the name BLOODY BUCKET because of the damages and deaths that the 28th caused the German soldiers. He said that as they rounded up the surviving German soldiers, the Germans would refer to the Keystone as a bloody bucket.

Why was the 28th inf division called the bloody bucket?

The nickname "bloody bucket" for the 28th infantry division was actually coined by German soldiers that faced them in combat. The insignia of the 28th Infantry division was a red keystone, symbolizing the fact that the 28th infantry division was a Pennsylvania National Guard unit, and Pennsylvania's nickname is the "Keystone State"

When did the Battle of Monmouth start and end?

The Battle of Monmouth started on June 28th 1778. The Battle of Monmouth ended on June 28th 1778.

Is there an email address to contact the 28th infantry division association as you are trying to trace World War 2 personnel?

Which country did the 28th Infantry Division come from?

Who was called bloody bucket?

The 28th Infantry Division

Are there any lists of officers of the 28th Division of the 111th Infantry available?

If you can find a copy in a library, see the five volume set on the 28th Division by E.S. Wallace. It is called "28th Division Pennsylvania Guard In the World War" and was published in 1923 in Pittsburgh, PA. There are more photos, lists of names and photos than you will know what to do with.

What day was the battle of Yorktown?

september 28th 1781

Who was called Bloody Bucket in World War 2?

The 28th Infantry Division

Where in France did the 28th Infantry Division 112th Regiment 1st Battalion have a battle on August 11 1944?

The 110th and 112th Regiments were almost definitely in the Mortain/Sourdeval region on August 12th. The Battle of Mortain lasted 7th-12th August, So it's likely to assume they were in the Region on the 11th August aswe Soldiers of the 28th ID liberated Sourdeval on the 13th August.

When was the battle of york town fought?

28th September to 19th October 1781

What is the date of the Battle of Ortona in World War 2?

December 20-28th 1943