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Q: Do kids have first amendment rights?
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Which amendment in the bill of rights was included due to concerns about limits to citizens rights?

the first amendment.

Which amendment defends your religios rights?

There is no amendment that gives any "rights" to a religion, except that the freedom to pursue a religion shall not be infringed. You might be thinking of Amendment I, i.e. the first.

What amendment protects the rights of these people to take action?

First amendment

What Amendment rights did the Alien and Sedition Acts contradict?

first amendment

What is protected by the first amendment?

Bill of rights

What were the Alien and Sedition Acts as viewed by Republicans?

an attack on the First Amendment rights of free speech

Where does freedom of speech fall in The Bill of Rights?

Freedom of speech is the 1st amendment of the constitution which is the first amendment in the bill of rights

What do the Fourteenth Amendment and the First Amendment have in common?

The first amendment gives US citizens the rights of free speech, peaceful assembly, etc. They're also called our "Basic Civil Liberties," which give us rights as US citizens. The 14th amendment gave rights to people of slave descent, or people who were former slaves, the rights stated in the 1st amendment.

What amendment in the bill of rights do justice Fortas and justice black refer to?

The First Amendment

Are the first 10 amendment the bill of rights?


What is the name given to the first amendment?

Bill of Rights.

Why was the First Amendment written?

The first amendment, the amendment ensuring freedom of religion for everyone, was written as the beginning of the 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights. These state the rights U.S. citizens have in writing so that they are clear to all.