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Not us, You! It is the contributors of WikiAnswers who are so smart and yes, our contributors can indeed answer any question.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-17 14:04:48
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Q: Do you think you are so smart that you can answer any questions?
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How do you ask a smart question?

There are no stupid questions, so my teachers used to say. But i think there are, and those would be the questions you could have known the answer to if you were paying better attention. Otherwise, all questions are smart questions if you are attentive and involved.

Why did JFK think that Thomas Jefferson was so amazing?

because he was like the 3 pres so just stop asking smart questions and get a life

Why a whiteman think he so smart?

Why does anybody think that they are smart? Cause they are, idiot.

Why do people ask lame questions?

people ask lame questions because their bored and have nothing to do. so they think of lame questions to bother people. i know because my class acts like that. also because people run out of questions to ask so they sometimes ask not so smart questions

Why do men think they are so smart?

We do not think we are smart. We know it.Men do not think or even mention they are smart. Those who question or doubt make it obvious that they are smart.

Who invented drapes?

i dont think any one knows who made drapes but smart people might so ask someone smart

Why do wives think their so smart?

They don't think their so smart. They just know you're really dumb.

Are you so smart?

I'm not sure but i think it was Aristotle who said that the most important thing he knew was "I Know that I don't Know." . So i think i'm smart enought to know that i'm not so smart. I think.

Is it better to be smart or lucky?

You don't have any control over luck. But making smart decisions is something you can have some control over. So what do you think.

Why do people think that they are so smart?

Some people think that they r so smart so they give attitude & some people use their smartness...

Are lemmings smart?

i dont think so

Is there any fan-sites to post questions about Wesley Snipes?

i dont think so, sorry

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