German lightning warfare

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Q: German lightning warfare
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What was a new type of German warfare?

Blitzkrieg - Lightning war.

What is another name for the lightning war?

Blitzkrieg , as the German Wehrmacht referred to this novel approach to warfare .

What is the correct translation of the name given to the type of warfare launched on Poland 1939?

This type of warfare was known as Blitzkrieg -- German for 'lightning war'.

What is the origin of the word blitz?

Blitz (Blitzen) is a German word meaning lightning or flash. It came into more common use in English during WW2 with the strategy of the German military named Blitzkrieg, lightning war or warfare.

What was the greatest military strategy of all time?

I believe blitzkreig, German for lightning warfare, but that is my oppinion and others may believe otherwise.

Blitz means lightning the british press used this word to refer to what type of German warfare?

In Britain the media used the term for the bombing of civilians.

How do you say lightning in German?

lightning = der Blitz.

What do the German call the blitz?

Blitz is the German word for Lightning: Blitzkrieg being Lightning War.

Is German Modern Warfare 2 in German the language?

Yes, it is in German.

What was the new type of warfare used by germany against poland?

blitz krieg german for lightning war but that was in ww2 i'm afraid i don't think that they used any new types of warfare in ww1 bar gas but that wasn't used on the polish

What does blitzen mean in german?


German Lightning attack nickname?

Blitzangriff, I think. Blitzkreig = lightning war

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