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Guru Nanak died a peaceful death, and of old age.

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Q: How did Guru Nanak die?
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How long was Guru Nanak a guru for?

Guru Nanak was a Guru for his whole life of 70 years

When did Guru Nanak Dev Ji die?

Guru Nanak AD 1469 -1539 His Father Name :- Kayan Chand ( He is a accountant of the one Muslim Land Lord ) Mother Name :- Tripta She is from a Shethriya community Means Hindu Religion Guru Nanak Bron :- In Punjab Border of the India and Pakisthanin 1469 He got the Message form the God in his 30th age He said there is no Hindu no Muslims That was his first message in India Guru Nanak started his preach 1499. Guru Nanak died in 1539 at Karthapur His disciple Guru Angathen (1504-1552) Guru Angathen bigen the script Guru Mukhi If you have any mor question abut Guru Nanak ,his disciples and his religion Sikh please ask .

Is guru nanak is a bhakti kal poet?


Why is Guru Nanak so important to Sikhs?

Guru Nanak was so important to the Sikh's because he was the first guru, also he was the one who founded Sikhism, they was no Sikhism before he was born. Guru Nanak believes in one god and Sikh's want to follow that too. You should show that you respect Guru Nanak by calling him Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Guru Nak Dev Ji is a rolemodel to Sikh's because he cared about everyone even the untouchables. You shouldn't touch the untouchables according to everyone except Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Once when he was going to school one morning he touched an untouchable, he dad was ashamed of him but Guru Nanak said " Everyone has got a God in them." When he went to school he got in trouble because he didn't want to learn the alphabet he wanted to learn about God and pray to him. His Teacher wasn't having this behavier and he got suspened.

Why did Guru Nanak create Sikhism?

because he wanted to maybe.

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