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She was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, so my estimate is that she probably had used that way of transportation before she worked to free slaves.

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Q: How did Harriet plan to escape from her master?
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Why was Harriet Tubman always careful not to let her master hear her talking about freedom?

Because she was planning to escape and don't wont her master to know about it

When did Harriet Tubman's master die?

1849-Harriet Tubman's master dies

Who helped slaves escape to freedom?

It was Harriet Tubman who helped the slaves escape.

How did Harriet Tubmen get famous?

Harriet Tubmen got famous because she ran away from her master and was able to get away to freedom. Since she was a slave she had to be careful not to be caught and brought back to her master. When she succeeded to get into one of the free states she was able to later cross the line and help other slaves escape.

Who was Harriet Tubman's master?

She was the property of Edward Brodress (deceased) or his estate and had been hired out to Dr. Anthony Thompson when she made her escape to freedom.

In the story Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Why did Jacobs finally decide to escape?

Harriet Jacobs decided to escape after enduring years of physical and sexual abuse from her master, Dr. Flint. She feared for the safety of her children and realized that the only way to truly protect them and herself was to escape to the North.

What Harriet Tubman's boss?

Harriet Tubman's master was Edward Brodess

Who help the slaves escape along the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman

When did harriet Tubman escape?

1975 and your a noob

Why did Jon Tubman beat Harriet Tubman?

John Tubman did not beat Harriet Tubman, according to my sources. He threatened to tell Harriet's master that she ran away if she did. Harriet was angry and ran away anyway. I am still confused because John Tubman was a free black so i thought he would want to help slaves escape. John Tubman still didn't beat Harriet Tubman.

Was harriet's master a woman or a man?


When did Escape Plan happen?

Escape Plan happened in 2012.