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She didn't get her nickname, she changed it. In 1906, she married Charles Joseph Walker, and officially changed her name to Madame C. J Walker.

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Q: How did Sarah breedlove get her nick name?
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What was Sarah Breedlove's family's last name?

Sarah Breedlove's family name was Breedlove. Her parents were named Owen Breedlove and Minerva Anderson Breedlove.

Is madame cj walker's real name Sarah?

Sarah indeed was Madam C.J Walker's real name. Her actual name was Sarah Breedlove.

When did Sarah breedlove walker first invent?

Sarah Breedlove Walker became an inventor at the beginning of 19.

Where did Sarah breedlove go to school?

Sarah breedlove (madam cj walker did not go to school. she was taught by women at her church

Does madem c.j walker have a nick name and what is it?

madam c.j. walkers nicknmae was actually madame c.j. walker her birth name is sarah breedlove .she changed her name to madam to put on her hair products and got the c.j walker from her husband

Madam cj walker real name?

Madam C J Walker's real name is Sarah BreedLove.

Why did Sarah BreedLove Walker change her name?

Sarah Breedlove changed her name in 1906 when she married Charles Joseph Walker she took his last name which was Walker and changed her initials to C J which stand for Charles Joseph and he used to call her madam and she liked that so she changed it to part of her name

Was Sarah breedlove walker smart?

Sarah Walker was very smart!

What job did Sarah breedlove work with her sister?

sarah worked on her farm

When is Sarah breedlove walker birthday?


What is the birth name of Melvin Breedlove?

Melvin Breedlove's birth name is Breedlove Melvin.

Where was Madame CJ Walker born?

Madam C.J. Walker was born in Sarah Breedlove in Delta, Louisiana, on December 23, 1867.