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Q: How did king William make life hard in Medieval Times?
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What did king William do?

King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times. King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times.

Who was the next king after king William in the medieval times?

king William

Who were the local government in medieval times in medieval England?

king William, the barons, the knights etc.... all the way down the fuedal system.

Who was a weak king in the medieval times?

King Stephen

What was the rank of a king in medieval times?

There was no "rank". He was king and that was it.

Who was boss in medieval times?

The King, Pope and some medieval countries had emperors.

Where did the first king live?

The first king lived in medieval times

Who was Henry VIII in medieval times?

Henry VIII was the King of England in the Tudor era, which was later that what we would call medieval times.

What was the roll of a king in medieval times?

The kings role in medieval times which is the greatest one of the kings roll is the leadership.

Why was it hard for medieval kings to control the church?

Well the church was it's own "person" back then. They were able to choose high ranked officials and the King had to often agree with them. The church was a big thing in medieval times. They would help the king some days and hurt him on others. So, all in all, yes it was hard for the king to get control of the church!

Who is charels the hammer?

He was a French King in medieval times.

How did people have to behave around the king and queen in the medieval times?

In medieval times people had to show extreme deference to a King and Queen. They had to bow, and only speak when they were spoken to.