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Many soilders rushed to go join the war some worried that it would be over. Many soilders rushed to go join the war some worried that it would be over.

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Q: How did the English speaking Canadians feel about conscription in 1917?
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How do you use the word conscription in a sentence?

Many French Canadians also opposed conscription in 1917.

How did English-Canada's react to conscription in World War I?

the issue of conscription did not only divided the politicians, it also divided the country. Some were strongly opposed to it. Some strongly supported it. Farmers in general opposed it. Conscription would take away more of their sons and hired men needed for their farms. Labour leaders opposed conscription. They felt factory workers were making and important contribution to the war. the loss of conscripted workers would severely limit Canada's production of food and wartime supplies. Labour leaders considered calling a general strike. Many farmers labour leaders were English Canadians. The strongest opponents, however, were the French-Canadians. They had little enthusiasm for World War 1. In Montreal and other parts of Quebec; 'anti-conscription' riots occurred during the summer of 1917. Quebec's less enthusiastic participation in the war effort was not understood by most English-speaking Canadians.

How did Canadians feel about the conscritpion in World War 1?

Conscription in Canada during the First World War was highly controversial, and many disagreed with it passionately, and some, violently. In Canada, this is referred to as the Conscription Crisis of 1917.

When was conscription introduced in 1914?

Conscription was not introduced in 1914, it was only introduced in 1917 because the number of volunteers dropped dramatically between 1916 and 1917. Due to this drop, the government had to introduce the law of conscription in Canada. Before 1917 men were eager to volunteer, but come 1917 they just lost all eagerness and stopped volunteering. In short, conscription was only introduced in 1917 due to the lack of Canadian volunteers.

When did conscription start in first world war in England?

1917 The conscription act was carried out in 1917, which depicted that any man able to fight, was forced to join the war.

What were the cons of conscription in 1917?

There are many cons, for one, trying to pass conscription laws was very hard and caused stress for Canada's leaders at the time.

Who was monreal Canadians first coach?

Newsy Lalonde was the first coach of the Montreal Canadians. He first coached the Canadians 1917-1922 and then again 1932-1934.

What was the nationality of the troops that took Vimy Ridge from the Germans in 1917?


How did the conscription crisis 1917 relate to Canada?

They were conscripting Canadian soldiers to join war ecause they did not have enough.

What has the author J-E Caron written?

J.-E Caron has written: 'Conscription and agriculture' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Conscription Crisis, 1917, Agriculture, Food supply

Was the winner of the English Premier League in 1917?

There was no English Premier League competition in 1917.

What law drafted 3 million Americans into military service during World War 1?

The Conscription Act of 1917

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