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ok so if there were no sea, since the boat was the only way to cross oceans and seas how would people trade or travel

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Q: How did the mountains and seas influence the location of the colonies?
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How did the seas surrounding ancient Greece influence its developent?

The seas surrounding ancient Greece influenced its development because they used the sea to establish colonies and trade with people from other lands.

Are there actually seas and mountains on the moon?

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What does moon have?

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How do you think mountains and seas helped to separate India from other civilization?

It was hard for them to cross mountains/seas back then so they were separated from other civilizations.

What type of geography did Greece have?

Rocky mountains and seas

What are the caucasus mountains?

The Caucasus mountains is a mountain system in Eurasia, between the Black and the Caspian Seas.

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The Caucasus Mountains separate the Black and Caspian Seas by around 550 miles (885 kms).

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The Sahara Desert is located in northern Africa. Some physical attributes include sand dunes, gravel, mountains, as well as sand seas.

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Around the sea not in the sea

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The mountains that are between the black sea and the Caspian sea is the caucasus The Caucasus Mountains

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Caucacus mountains separates Russia from Georgia and Azerbaijan, which are countries between the Capsian and Black seas.