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there were three estates in France and the poorest ones were taxed the most

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Q: How did the unfair tax system cons tribute to France's financial problems?
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What contributed to Frances economic problems prior to the revolution?

Various factors have contributed in France's economic problems prior to the 1789's Revolution, some of the major ones being:Poor agricultural harvestsGrowing costs of the American Revolution (mainly funded by France)Ageing economic system based on social estates

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How did Genghis khan tribute system work?

Well the definition of the tribute system is a system in which defeated peoples were forced to pay a tax in the form of the goods and labor. Mongol empire which Genghis Khan ruled was successful because they used brutality and they did defeat many counties and they were probably forced to pay taxes.(you probably wouldn't find a better answer I tried every website)

Why was the estates general summoned by Louis?

King Louis XVI was under a lot of political pressure in 1788 because of Frances huge debt. He needed to get money, and his Financial Minister, Jacques Necker, decided it would be best to just start taxing everyone including the first and second estate to get money. To get this approved, the king called the estates general for a meeting to discuss this change in the taxation system.If you are on Odysseyware: To discuss France's tax system.

Why did the long-standing problems of the Ancient Regime in France become more acute in 1789?

It was due to the financial crisis that led the people to realise the tyranical of the government system of inequalities character of louis xvi becauce people were being taxed heavily

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