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It seems like it is difficult getting any amount of grant and scholarship money for school. There are various reasons for this, such as a lot of people applying for the same scholarships. Many grants have very narrow, specific eligibility requirements that allow a relatively few people to apply. There are hints and tips for applying for grants because, often, it is more than just filling out a form. Just finding a grant that a person qualifies for takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

The financial amount awarded to applicants vary. Some people are happy to obtain a couple hundred of dollars while others can obtain the maximum amount of Pell Grant money at just over $5,000.00. It seems that just about any scholarship and grant comes with specific criteria.

Whether you can obtain a scholarship worth a little amount of money or a large amount of money, you have to find the scholarships first and there are resources that can help you do that.

A college financial office will be staffed with people who should know about grants and scholarships.

Libraries should have books that will list hundreds and hundreds of grants and scholarships. As mentioned above, the concern is that only a few of the grants may apply to any one person because of the specific eligibility requirements.

There are free online scholarship search services / databases that allow you to search for college grants and scholarships based on different criteria such as field of study, gender, and more.

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Q: How difficult is it to get scholarships that offer a large amount of money?
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