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The first step is to get the waist measurement, then the length needed. These measurements will give the person making the skirt the proper length of material. The final step is putting the skirt together, although some have different designs.

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The same way we do now with material except they use animal skin.

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it was made out of deer

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Q: How do the Native Americans make their clothing?
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What did Native Americans make with sagebrush?


What clothes Native Americans wore on the Trail of Tears?

Native Americans on the Trail of Tears wore "period clothing" (clothing normal for that period in time). This included a great variety of clothing, mixed between traditional Native Clothing and European clothing.

What clothes did the Native Americans where and make?

Native Americans wore pants, shirts, dresses, and loincloths. There were often made from the skins of the animals that they hunted.

How did Native Americans use turkey feathers?

shot the turkey & cut the feathers off.

How did Native Americans make clothing fit properly?

they poop they poop yugyy

How did native Americans make their cloths?

Yes. They would kill deer, beaver, and/or bears. From their hide they would make boots and clothing. But mostly for clothing, they used deer skin.

What tools did Indians use for making clothes?

Native Americans use fur and animal hide to make clothing.

What did native americans wear in the summer?

Native Americans wore very light clothing in the summer. This clothing would be considered very immodest in many other cultures in the world.

Clothing that the Native Americans wore?

What they wore depended on where they lived.

Who made the Native Americans' clothing?

They did. They used what they had available to use.

What are the native Americans clothing made of?

animals skins and barks

What was Shawnee Native Americans clothing?

Simple clothing. For shoes, moccasins in summer and snowshoes in winter.