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Por siempre jamás yo te amaré eternamente.

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2010-05-07 19:18:34
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Q: How do you say forever and ever I will always love you in Spanish?
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Does Maddie Currie LOVE Catlyn Mclellan?

Yes...they are maddlyyy in LOVE and will always be in Love forever and ever!!!

How do you say 'love you forever and ever' in Spanish?

Te amaré siempre y nunca.

How do you say i love you always and forever in spanish?

Te quiero hoy y siempre (today and forever) te quiero siempre y para siempre (always and forever)

What is the phrase 'you and me forever and always babe' when translated from English to Spanish?

You and me together forever my love in spanish is: tu y yo juntos para siempre mi amor

How to say i will always love you forever in Hindi?

translate I love you forever and always in hindi

I love you forever in spanish?

Te Quiero = i love you Siempre is "forever". Te quiero siempre is "I love you forever".

When was I Love You Always Forever created?

I Love You Always Forever was created on 1996-05-14.

How do you say I love you forever and ever amen in spanish?

Te amo ( I love you) or amare (I'll love you) por siempre y siempre Amen.

Te amo y siempre te amare recuerdadlo seimpre from Spanish to English?

I love you and always I will love you remember it forever.

How do you write i will always love you and you will forever be my boo thang babay i love you in spanish?

Potes me dicere quo ipsum est? X _ @

Did breyer and Christina last forever and ever and did they get married?

Yes they did and yes they did breyer asked Christina to marry him and she said yes and they lasted forever and ever but breyer always loved her more hahahahah love u more Christina forever and ever baby forever and ever baby i love u so much more

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'forever and always'?

This could be said as a chaoidh agus an còmhnaidh.

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