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He treats his lord with great and total respect. He lives and fights for his lord.

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Q: How does the Samurai treat his lord?
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How did Lord Akiyama treat his prisoners in the samurai's tale?

Lord Akiyama did not treat his prisoners very well. He fed them and things but didn't love them in that sense

What are the samurai's job?

To be useful to his lord.

How did people treat the Samurai?

With respect. If they did not treat him with respect, they would get killed.

How did samurai improve their discipline?

From obeying their lord!

What does the samurai do for the shogun and the shongun for the samurai?

The shogun is a lord who hires the Samurai to protect and fight for him. He pays them :)

What were samurai soldiers without lords called?

A samurai without a lord was called a Ronin

Who do Samurai serve?

The Samurai did protect the master or the person at which he has been told to protect. They were for example bodygaurds.

What were the samurai code of behavior?

bushido is the samurai code of honor that they must follow. they must be loyal to their lord

How should a samurai believe he should act toward his lord?

A samurai should believe he should act with loyalty, respect, and obedience towards his lord, following the code of bushido which emphasizes honor and duty. The samurai should prioritize their lord's well-being and interests above their own.

What is a shonguns?

You probably mean a shogun, which is a samurai lord.

Who were the warriors of japan?

I presume you mean Samurai? Or Ashigaru, commoners trained to be soldiers, after the separation law, they were made into samurai. Samurai were to serve their lord, be it Shogun or Daimyo, Samurai means "to serve".

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