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6 moons.

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Q: How long does it take to become an apprentice?
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How long does it take for an apprentice cabinetmaker to become a master?

7 years

How long does an apprentice training take?

a million years :(

How long does it take to be a chef?

it depends on your approach. you can apprentice or go to school.

How old was apprentice?

the answer is the kit has to be 6 moons in order to become an apprentice

What would you become after a apprentice?

An apprentice becomes a journeyman, and a journeyman becomes a master.

How did a person become a member of the guild?

You would become an apprentice

How long does it take to get a tattoo license?

you first have to apprentice,i did my apprenticeship for 3 years before i got mine.

What is the oldest you can be to become a apprentice?

There is no age limit to become an apprentice. Apprenticeships are open to individuals of all ages who meet the necessary requirements and are willing to learn a new trade or skill.

Does one need a piercing license in Nebraska?

Yes, in every state to become a piercer you need a license, there are classes you will be able to take and become an apprentice before you get certified.

What does an apprentice become prior to a master craftsmen?

The usual step between apprentice and Master is called "journeyman".

How long was Benjamin Franklin in school?

He was pulled out of school at 7-8 years old to become an apprentice at his brother James' printing shop.

Why did Leonardo become an apprentice?

As there were no art schools in those days, becoming an apprentice to a skilled artist was the only way to become an artist. This was what all aspiring young artists did.