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6 million

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Q: How many Jews died in concentration camps during the holocaust?
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Where were the Jews placed during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps

How were concentration camps used during the holocaust?

Mainly to murder Jews.

What were the living conditions of the Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust?

They were, well, not good

What was the fate of Austria's Jews during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps and Gas chambers.

How many jews were killed at the concentration camps?

Historians believe there was about 6 million Jews that died during the holocaust in the camps

Jews during the Holocaust?

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

Are their any famous places of the Holocaust?

Mostly its the concentration camps the Jews were kept at during the holocaust Auschwitz

How were the Jews rescued from the concentration camps during the holocaust?

none were rescued, some escaped.

What were concentration camps during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jews were sent to during the time of the Holocaust. There were four major concentration camps. Most were killed there in torturous ways, forced into physical labor, or forced into sexual slavery. Not only Jews were sent there though also gypsies, homosexuals, just about anyone who was not a Nazi.

What are the death camps in the Holocaust?

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

Where did the Jews go into during and after the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust the Jews were first sent to ghettos and from there to extermination camps and concentration camps.After the Holocaust many Jews were unable to go home and had to live in camps for Displaced Persons until they could find somewhere permanent.

Why did people get sent to camps during the Holocaust?

Jews were sent to concentration camps during the holocaust to be killed by a gas room, being shot, or worked to death. The Jews had to wear the yellow star on their close. The Jews were creamated after death.

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