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While there's no definitive number, it's been estimated that several million people relied on soup kitchens during the Depression.

The related link below offers more details.

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Q: How many people went to soup kitchens during the great depression?
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Why were bread lines used during the Great Depression?

Breadlines and soup kitchens were a common sight during the Great Depression. These soup kitchens and breadlines were commonly run by charities and church organizations. They handed out warm meals and bread to people in need. The lines to such places were at times miles long.

Who mainly ran soup kitchens in the Great Depression?

People that have have created kitchen,That why they had created cafeterias.

Who had money for the soup kitchens during the Great Depression?

the government was too lazy to pay the money for the soup kitchens so they had to have volunteers to pay for the soups get it got it good

Who ate at the soup kitchens in the great depression?

people who had no jobs or money

How many people where Homless people during the Great Depression?

How many people were homeless during the Great Depression? Between one and two million people.

What group of people did not do well economically speaking during the great depression?

Farmers were not doing good during the Great Depression.

Who lives in Hooverville?

homeless people during the great depression Over 1,200 people were homelss.

How did President Hoover react to the Great Depression?

President Hoover reacted to the great depression by helping people with things they could not afford like soup kitchens which gave people free food who needed it. Also hoovervilles which gave homes

How many people jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression?

Not very people at all jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression. Building new skyscrapers were put on hold after the Great Depression but no because people were jumping off of them.

Did people have the freedom of speech during the great depression?


What did people have for dessert during the great depression?

They did not have dessert

What did people live in during the Great Depression?