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While there's no definitive number, it's been estimated that several million people relied on soup kitchens during the Depression.

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2010-02-01 17:02:24
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Q: How many people went to soup kitchens during the great depression?
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Related questions

During the great depression people sought relief in bread lines or in what?

soup kitchens

What were bread lines during the Great Depression?

Bread lines were basically what we call soup kitchens now. The government supplied food to people in need during the Great Depression.

During the great depression what did soup kitchens provide?

They provided food for the unemployed ...

What were 4 things that people stood in line for during the great depression?

soup kitchens bread line, christmas dinner

What were food lines in the Great Depression?

Breadlines and soup kitchens were a common sight during the Great Depression. These soup kitchens and breadlines were commonly run by charities and church organizations. They handed out warm meals and bread to people in need. The lines to such places were at times miles long.

What was the function of soup kitchens during the Great Depression?

The soup kitchens were for the poor people that lost their jobs. These soup kitchens were important to the people that ate there, as they would otherwise go hungry..

Who mainly ran soup kitchens in the Great Depression?

People that have have created kitchen,That why they had created cafeterias.

What did people die from during the Great Depression?

People died during the Great Depression because of starvation.

Who had money for the soup kitchens during the Great Depression?

the government was too lazy to pay the money for the soup kitchens so they had to have volunteers to pay for the soups get it got it good

What were the soup kitchens during the great depression?

The "soup kitchens" were set up in the streets to feed the starving population, The most nutritional food that is cheap and easy to produce is soup.

Where did people get food during the great depression?

During the great depression people ate the food that they had stored, no one starved during this period.

Who ate at the soup kitchens in the great depression?

people who had no jobs or money

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