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your mama is wrong

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Q: How many planes did the p40 warhawk shoot down?
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How many planes did a German pilot have to shoot down to be considered an ace?


How many Japanese planes did you shoot down?

Approximately 29 Imperial Navy aircraft were shot down during the attack.

Is it easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts?

No. In reallife no one will say this going to be easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts. Many people know that military planes flying at high speed are really difficult to shoot down. Planes flying at supersonic speed can really dodge from missiles. Most military planes have a lock on radar system that allows them to know that they are being locked on by a missile but some planes are really difficult to detect on radar because of the stealth.

How many enemy airplanes can one pilot shoot down in the entire war time?

If it's a long war, then he can get more planes. A short war, less planes. A matter of math.

How many planes did the spitfire shoot down?

it depends on how many donuts you ate this morning ya jack wagon!

Littlebigplanet call of duty 3 or Warhawk For PS3 obviosly?

I would think Little Big Planet and Warhawk for PS3 for me. I like Warhawk the best, and I think Little Big Planet is good with friends (if you have any online friends). Call of Duty 3 would be good too, but it's just war and not many vehicles. That's why Warhawk has planes, jeeps, tanks, mounted machine guns, Flak cannons, and missle turrets. Well with the booster packs, there are more... As this is a corz of education!

Did any us planes fight back on dec7?

Yes a couple of U.S planes took off from the ground but many never left the ground. The main thing that shoot down Japanese planes was the U.S anti-aircraft guns. We lost 2403 people at Pearl Harbor.

How many planes were shot down in the BOMBING OF Darwin?

idk how many planes were shot down. im jot boered.

What were the American fighter planes called?

There were many American fighter planes involved in WW2. Some of them were the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-40 Warhawk, P-38 Lightning, all fighters in the USAAF . Others in the US Navy and Marines were F4U Corsair, F4F Wildcat, F6F Hellcat to mention just a few of the better known ones.