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over 30,000 people died

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Q: How many polish people died during the invasion of Poland?
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Why did polish leave Poland?

Some of the Polish people left Poland in order to survive World War II and the Nazi attacks. Some Polish people left Poland to search for a better life during the European depression.

What consequences did the German invasion of Poland have on the Polish Jewish population?

The German invasion of Poland had an utterly devastating effect on the Polish Jews. On the eve of World War 2 Poland had by far the largest Jewish population in Europe. About 3 milllion of the 5.7 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were Polish Jews.

What are the people of Poland are called?

the people in Poland are called polish

Who are Polish people?

They are people from Poland.

Who did the Germans attack in1939?

The Germans attacked Poland in 1939 then kicked the Poles out of their own country and next he moved his own Germans into Poland. He put the Polish Jews into concentration camps. _____ The Polish people weren't kicked out of their own country after the invasion. There were approx 35 million people living in Poland at the outbreak of the war so logistically it would have been impossible to do this. The Polish people, and especially the Jews, suffered greatly during the German occupation. Many Jews were moved into Ghettos and later into concentration camps.

What are people who live in Poland called?

The people of Poland are called the Polish.

What are people from Poland?

Polish people are Pole's.

Where do polish people come from?


What are the nationality of people in Poland?


What happened in the invasion of Poland?

The Polish fought back very hard, but the Germans still won.

What was the background of the German invasion of Poland?

the German invasion of Poland had much to do with ww1,ie the polish corridor , danzig. Germany felt the land was illegaly taken fromthem at the end of ww1.

Who was in charge of Poland during world war 2?

The German Hans Frank was in charge of the German military administration in occupied Poland from 26 October 1939 - 1945 following the end of the invasion of Poland whereas Władysław Raczkiewicz was the Polish leader of the Polish government in exile from 1939 until his death in 1947 .

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