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he is 80 years old

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Q: How old is Micheal Collins?
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Why did Michael Collins became a scientist?

Michael Collins didn't become a scientist, Micheal Collins was assassinated

Was Micheal Collins betrayed by eamon de valera?


How did Ireland gain its independence after Micheal Collins died?

the free state had been established BEFORE Collins died. he died in the Irish civil war.

What did Micheal Collins do?

Micheal was the leader for the Irish republican army who thought that the British government had no right in Ireland and helped lead " sinn fein" which means we alone.

How did Michael Collins die?

Micheal Collins (the big fella) and his convoy were travelling through beal na blathwhen they came upon a road block.on a lane beside the road 3 mEn lay in the ditchand began to fire. Collins was behind the armoured car. the shooting went on for 45 minutes when Collins came out from behind the armoured car to get a Better shot at the men. the 3 men where well out numbered and decided run, but one man called sonny o'neilfired one last shot. the bullet rickeshade off the armoured car and hit Collins straight in thehead, it was a complete fluke, Collins died instantly and the men got away.people say they were never caught but sonny o'neil was shot in a field in clonakilty in 1933 by a memberof the free state army for the shooting of Micheal Collins MICHEAL COLLINS IS THE GREATEST MAN IN IRISH HISTORY AND ALWAYS WILL BE AND MAYHE REST IN PEACE.We are still strugling in in the six counties of ireland i think if michael collins had survived i dont think he would have agreed on thr torcher my family and other familys went through maybe things would have been different{ Long live ireland} Desy.

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