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many families were poor had very little ...

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2016-04-28 00:45:00
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Q: How was family life hurt during the Great Depression?
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Who were hurt during The Great Depression?

I was, lol.

In 1937 what happened that hurt the us more during the great depression?

death of someone

How did the Great Depression hurt the US?

by hurting it dahh

What act hurt farmers during the depression?

The "Dust Bowl"

How does depression affect families?

deppresion can hurt the family, because it can make the family sad as well.

Did Roosevelt help or hurt the Great Depression?

i think he tried to help the great depression by forming a whole bunch of agentsies and everything

Did Herbert Hoover hurt the economy more in the great depression?


Who was hurt by the great depression most?

the people who lost all their money

How did the automobile economy have a problem during the great depression?

During the Great Depression in the US, almost all businesses were hurt by this serious economic downturn. This included US auto manufacturers. With unemployment rates near 25%, car sales were hit hard, and as with other industries there were layoffs of workers.

What was Herbert hoover's view of the government and Americans during the Great Depression?

People felt hurt and defended and would not agree with him because he was not doing right for American

What harmed Franklin Roosevelt's popularity during the 1930's?

In the 1930s, the United States faced economic stagnation, and ultimately a depression, which hurt Roosevelt's popularity with many. Roosevelt responded to the Great Depression with what is known as the New Deal.

European economies were hurt during the Depression when US companies stopped investing in what nation?


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