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Pearl Harbor war bombed and attacked in World War 2

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Q: In which war was Pearl Harbor bombed?
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What was the name of the war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

just pearl harbor

Why Did The US Enter Word War Two?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor ,HI. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor ,HI.

In World War 2 what happened on December 7 1941?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor happened on this day. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Who won the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

The United States won the war by bombing Japan after Pearl Harbor.

Why did the Pearl Harbor bombing happen?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because they thought we where not ready of war.

Who bombed pearl harbor in world war 2?


What war did the arizona serve in?

It was in WW2 bombed at pearl harbor

Did Hitler declare war after Japn bombed Pearl Harbor?

No we declared war on japan then Hitler declared war on us all after pearl harbor

What brought the usa in to World War 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What US city was bombed in World War 2?

Pearl harbor

What harbor in Hawaii got bombed by the Japanese?

Pearl Harbor. The very beginning of America in the war...

What was going on before the Japanese bombed pearl harbor?

War in Europe and war in Asia.