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No, Augustus was Caesar's nephew. Octavian ( before he was Augustus ) was the adopted son of hid uncle, Julius Caesar.

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Q: Is Augustus Julius Caesar's son
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Who was julius caesars son?

ocavian who later changed his name to augustus

How can Augustus Caesars rule be distinguished from Julius Caesars?

Julius was a dictator. Augustus was an emperor.

How can Augustus Caesar's rule be distinguished from Julius Caesars?

Julius was a dictator. Augustus was an emperor.

Did Augustus kill Julius Caesar?

no augustus did not kill julius ceasar he was his son caesars scribes got so fed up with him that decided to assasinate him once and for all

Who was Augustus ceazer?

Augustus Caesar was Julius caesars' great nephew. When Julius was murdered Augustus was heir to the thrown according to Julius' will.

What are five facts about octavian?

Octavian was besy known for bexoming the firsy emperor after julius caesars death, his real name is gaius julius caesar octavinus, he was a great emperor, his real name is augustus, octavian was julius caesars adopted son.

Who was Julius Caesars adopted son?


Was Augustus and Julius Caesar brothers?

Augustus was Julius ceaser's son in law.

Who is Julius caesars son and first emper of rome?

He is not his son. He was his great-nephew. He was adopted into his will as his heir. His name was Octavian, but was renamed by the Roman Senate: Augustus, or "the exalted one".

Was Augustus Julius Caesar's son?

He was his adopted son. Augustus was actually Julius's great-nephew until the adoption.

How was Augustus Caesars rise to power similar to Julius Caesars?

Both were achieved by defeating rival groups of aristocrats - Julius over Pompey and his family and the Cassius-Casca-Brutus gang, and Augustus over Mark Antony.

Who was Julius ceasers adopted son?

Augustus Caesar was Julius Caesar's adopted son.

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