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According to, the 2007 ACS population estimate for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is 227,071.

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76.8 square miles

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Q: Is Baton Rouge a big or small city?
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The headquarters for the company Big Fish Video Productions is located at 10889 Perkins Rd., Suite D, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810. The location is not far from The Mall of Louisiana.

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Dj Lain Michael formally known as Hektik Lain is a dj who started his work in Baton Rouge LA and has djed at several clubs in that area. He soon became a big success as he was mentored by his older brother on what the people wanted to hear. With the knowledge he gained from his older brother, he soon took over Baton Rouge with his stunning music. Dj Lain Michael is sure to make it big with his work in Dubstep, House, Trance, Electro, Techno, and Dance music you'll definitely be surprised as he is only 19!

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