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Korea is not good at soccer

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Q: Is South Korea good at soccer?
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Is korea consider good in soccer?

yes, Korea is considered to be very good in soccer.

In South Korea would they chose Tae Kwon Do or soccer?

In South Korea, taekwondo is more popular than soccer.

What is national game of South Korea?


Is Korea good at soccer?

Kind of.

What is the most popular sport of south Korea?

The most popular sport in south Korea is one of the 3, taekwondoe, baseball, or soccer and I should know. I am from South Korea

How many men play soccer in South Korea?

South Koreans like football and have played in the world cup from 1990 or even earlier so lots of people do play soccer in South Korea.

Why young Chang Piano is good?

IT is a South Korea's and South Korea is good and Best

What is South Korea soccer team captain?

Koo Ja-cheol

Is South Korea a good country to live in?

Yes, of course South Korea is a good country to live. South Koreans are helpful and friendly to their allies that treated them good and there is no communism in South Korea so South Korea is a very safe country to be in!

Best Asian soccer player?

with other close Asian cup coutries South Korea is the best Soccer team in Asia. I think most of the people like the South Korea player named Cha-Duri. In the South African world cup South Korea played like this. Argentina vs South Korea 5:1 Greece vs South Korea 2:0 Nirgeria vs South Korea 2:2 South Korea won on the peanlty kicks Urugay vs South Korea 3:2 It was sad that they didn't went to other countries

Do South And North Korea Have Sports?

yes football but it's actually soccer

Is South Korea good?

i think south Korea is much better than north Korea i think the good country and so so rich people is south Korea Bangladesh India usa(rich and good) Canada

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