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A family is established when two people get married.

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Q: Is a family established when they get married or is it when the last kid is born?
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Who is the last member to join the Cullen family?

the last person to join the family was Renesmee after being born in breaking dawn.

How did Carrie Underwood get her last name?

She was born with it. It is her family name.

After baby born who name is pick not married?

usually it the fathers last name

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No ...charlie signed them on as a sponser in 2002 he is married to Angela who's last name was Latini before she was married to charle

What is the meaning of the suffix 'ova' on Czech last names?

Ova in Czech typically means "belonging to" or "belong to the family of" and it attached to a married woman in a similiar meaning as the term "Mrs" denotes married woman of a family. Example: Adaninova would mean belonging to the family of Adanin or married and belonging to to (husband) Adanin.

When was the last time a commoner married into the british royal family?

The most recent time is today, 29th of April 2011, where Catherine Middleton married Prince William.

What is your last paternal name when you are married?

last name is your married name, if married

Which is important when you get married family first or your husband?

When you get married and if your husband is a kind and good person then your husband should come first and then your family. The Bible says to put God first then your husband and your children last they are to leave your home and be on their own

When using credit profile number what do you use for mothers maiden name?

You use the last name that your mother had when she was born. Such as (Mary) Smith. She later married your dad and that last name is her married name.

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Edward's father's last name was Cummings. When his parents were married and he was born, he inherited the last name Cummings.