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Any illegal contact can be called a foul but it's up to the ref. You could be pulled from game entirely for conduct

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Q: Is a foul to pull down another player's shorts during a game?
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Supporter or suspensor . Most players now wear swimming trunks due to the fact that they offer greater coverage if shorts are torn or pulled down

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because they want to look hot for the girls ___________________________________________________________ Because players are tackled by manually holding the opposing player it was seen as a strategic move to reduce the leg length of the shorts to limit the material that could be used to retrain the opposing player. In 2007 new shirts were developed and first worn by Wales where the materiel allowed the players skin to "breath" thus reducing desperation and dehydration The shirts were made of a more elastic material than the previous thick cotton worn around the world. This again made the amount of materiel difficult to grasp in a tackle Also, in rugby union, some players are lifted into the air by their shorts. Thus, it is very important that the shorts not be too baggy (making them prone to tearing or just not being useful for lifting).

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