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Depends. If you intend to do four years, get out, and pursue a civilian occupation, probably not, since you'll have no job skills which transfer.

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Q: Is joining the military in a combat role worth it?
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What is a combat soldier?

A combat soldier is a military personnel trained and equipped to engage in direct warfare and combat operations. Their primary role is to defend their country, engage enemy forces, and carry out missions on the battlefield. Combat soldiers receive specialized training to operate and excel in high-stress, dangerous environments.

Can you call someone a veteran if they served in the Military but didn't see combat?

Yes, someone can be considered a veteran even if they did not see combat. A veteran is generally defined as a person who has served in the military, regardless of their role or whether they were deployed to a combat zone.

Do snipers get hand to hand combat training?

All combat troops get hand to hand training. You can also study different fighting styles. Anyone who is interested in joining the military and persuing a combat role for any length of time I would recommend you study several martial arts. Try not to focus on competition styles. Study hard, be serious and honorable and let your teacher know what your intentions are. They may be inclined to teach you some stuff in private. With any fighting style, it doest matter what the name is or where it was conceived, it matters how much you train. Train like the other guy is training twice as much as you. Same goes for military training. Your life may depend on it.

What is the role of m16 rifle in combat?

The M16 sieries of rifles are individual combat weapons.

What is the role of the military in the senate?

the military doesnt have a role. hope this answers your question.

What was the planes role in WW1?

Reconnaissance, bombing and air combat.

Does the marines have combat medics?

No - Navy personnel fill that role.

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For the better part of the last 50 years the Chinese Military has been primarily to ensure China's internal security and defense capability. Notable exceptions exist, especially China's role in the Korean War in the 1950's. Today the Chinese Military continues it's role in defense and internal matters but is taking on a more global impact as China is transitioning into a global leader. This is exemplified by China's recent deployment of warships to Somalia to combat piracy in that area.

What role did American play in the Vietnamese history?

A military role.

What role did the marines play?

The Marines are the United States' rapid reaction force, trained to conduct amphibious and expeditionary operations. They play a crucial role in providing force projection capability, protecting U.S. interests abroad, and conducting various military operations ranging from combat to humanitarian assistance.