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Modern day Japan is experiencing an economic downturn since Akihito, succeeded the throne from his father. Credit is very hard to get in Modern day Japan and living frugally has been emphasized.

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What is the measure of each central angle in a 12-sided regular polygon

In the latter half of the 1980s Japan experienced a period of financial success that came to be known as the

In 1993 Japan and took steps toward resolving the ongoing territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands

Despite prosperity Japan is currently faced with

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Q: Modern day japan
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Are the modern day geisha's the same as the ones in ancient japan?


What is the sea between modern day china and japan?

the Yellow Sea

Who were the Yayoi people of Japan?

They are the ancestors of the modern day Japanese. They came from China.

How has Japan changed from the samurai period to modern day Japan?

Japan has developed a democratic govermment, as opposed to a feudalistic government or a shogunate. The culture is different too.

Who did japan team with during World War 2?

Japan was part of the AXIS Alliance. This involved Germany, Italy and Japan. Siam (modern day Thailand) was also allied to Japan.

What samurai values are still admired in modern-day Japan?

loyalty, honor, dedication, and discipline

Why were Shinto and Buddhism important to the development of Japanese culture?

The Shinto beliefs and Buddhism both contributed to most of modern day Japan's culture. The Shinto beliefs have influence in modern day Japan's marriage, birth, etc. because Shintoism was based on the celebration of life. However, the Buddhist ideas influenced modern day Japan's funerals. This is so because the Buddhist ideas were based on death and the acceptance of death. Therefore, the Shinto and Buddist ideas influence most of Japan's culture.

Who thought he was close to china or japan when he landed near modern day Florida?

fray marcos de niza

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White day is March 14th in Japan.

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Does Japan have Boxing Day?

No, Japan does not recognize Boxing Day as a holiday. It is a normal working day there.

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a modern day is just a regular day in life

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