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The ideas of Enlightenment encouraged many people in America to think logically. They used reason to arrive at the truth of many things that mattered to their well-being and the well-being of their families.

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Q: The enlightenment encouraged many people in america to?
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The Enlightenment encouraged many people in America to do what?

A.) put their faith in reason as the best way to understand the world

A sentence with enlightenment?

To attain enlightenment is the purpose of human life. Many people have gained enlightenment. Enlightenment means different things to different people.

What was a belief of many writers of the enlightenment?

People are basically evil.

What does the enlightenment and the sciencetific revolution have in common?

They were both movements that spread ideas through Europe and America around the same time, also their ideals inspired many famous people people in history.

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What political influences did Americans get from enlightenment to form their government?

Ideas of self worth, natural rights, freedom of speech and many other ideals encouraged the Americans to rebel.

How did people outside the U.S. react to the American revolution?

NovaNet answer: Many were encouraged and wanted to fight for a voice in their government.

How did many African slaves become christian' s in north America?

The culture of the colonies encouraged many slaves to become Christians. -APEX-

How did the enlightenment diminish religion?

A central idea of the Enlightenment was that the truth could be discovered through reason. This led many people to become skeptical about the supernatural.

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