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Q: Was Harold shot in the eye before the shield wall broke at the Battle of Hastings?
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Who in the Battle of Hastings had the shield wall?

Harold had the shield wall

What were the battle strategies in the Battle of Hastings?

Harold used a shield wall, and William tricked him by "leaving" and when Harold's men followed, William's men came back and killed them.

How did they fight in the Battle of Hastings?

Harold of wessex's army were un organized howeveer Williams army used the shield wall which helped them win the battle

How did William the Conqueror beat Harold in the battle of Hastings?

because when he retreated his army harolds shield wall dispanded and his army demolished them

Why did Harold Godwinson loose in the battle?

Harold Godwinson lost the Battle of Hastings because they did not keep there shield wall. The Norman's used a tactic that faked a retreat and the Saxons ran after them. Then the Norman's turned around and thrashed them.

Who had the shield wall in the battle of hasting?


What adntages did the English have at the battle of hastings?

what advantages did the English have at the battle of hastings

What did the Normans use in the Battle of Hastings?

shield and bow and arrow

What mistakes did Harold Hadrada make in the Battle of Hastings?

It was the English King, Harold Godwinson, who was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Harald Hadrada was the Viking leader who was killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge days earlier.The Saxons made the mistake of breaking their shield wall when they thought that the Normans were retreating. The mounted Normans turned round and slaughtered the Saxon warriors caught out in the open. Up until the shield wall broke, the battle could have gone either way.

What were Harold's advantages during the Battle of Hastings?

King Harold Of England had some advantages. He was king so his men where more out to fight for him. He also had what was called a shield wall. And last he thought God was on his side. Now I do think that

What mistake did Harold make in the Battle of Hastings?

Harold was a foot soldier so he couldn't control his soldiers.Please note all English soldiers were on foot,horses were used to get to the battle but not used in the actual.His men ran after the enemy when they faked retreat and broke the shield wall-which was until then protecting them very very well

What shield designs were used at the Battle of Hastings?

One shield design used by infantry at the Battle of Hastings were round wood ones that might have some metal to reinforce them. Horsemen had kite shaped metal shields. During battle they would create shield walls by having men lock their shields together in the front.

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