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Q: Was Plymouth the first English Colony?
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The first town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

the first English settlement was the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Which English colony was founded first?

1620 Plymouth Massachusetts.

What was the first permanent English settlement in Massaschusetts?

Not sure. I researched it and it said it was started and expanded into Plymouth Colony. It might be the Plymouth Colony.

Established in 1607 this colony became the first permanent english colony in america?

Jeopardy style - What is Plymouth?

Was the Plymouth colony or Massachusetts bay colony founded first?

Plymouth colony

The first african anericansbin th English colonies were brought to which colony and who brought them there?

the first African Americans in the English colony were brought to Plymouth rock by George Washington.

Which colony had the first permanet English settlement in the new world?

In 1607 Jamestown was began, but the Plymouth colony in 1620 was meant to be a permanent colony.

Is Maine the first European colony?

The first colony in what is today the United States was Saint Augustine, Florida. The first permanent English colony was Jamestown, VA... followed by Plymouth, MA.

The first permanent English settlement of the pilgrims in north America?

The first permanent English settlement of the Pilgrims in North America was the Plymouth Colony.

Who were the Jamestown and Plymouth leaders?

Plymouth Colony (sometimes New Plymouth, or Plymouth Bay Colony) was an English colonial venture in North America from 1620 to 1691.

What is the significance of Plymouth Colony?

people laft their native lands for religious freedom and had a Proprietary Colony.

What colony did the puritans first establish?

Plymouth in 1620 and not 1630.