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The attack of Pearl Harbor was inevitable. the United States were cutting back on oil supplies from the Japanese in return was retaliation of Japan. Knowing of the attack on pearl harbor maybe but going to a no. An attack on the United States from the Japanese, yes because of retaliation.

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Q: Was the United States expecting the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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Why did the United States Navy suffer such severe losses at Pearl Harbor?

It was a surprise attack. The United States was not at war and was not expecting to be attacked by Japan. The ships and aircraft were not deployed for a war time footing.

Who responded to the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?

the united states responded to the attack on pearl harbor.

What was the signifigance of the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor is how the United States became involved in WW2

What happened to the United States after the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The United States declared war on Japan.

In the attack on Pearl Harbor the us lost most of its-?

In the attack of the Pearl harbor the United States did lose most of its battleship.

Why is Pearl Harbor significant to history?

The attack on Pearl Harbor is what brough the United States into WW2

Who did the United States attack after pearl harbor?

The United States decalred war on the Japanese Empire after the Japanese attack on the U.S. navy based at Pear Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

Who was included in the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

japanese and the united states of americ

Who was fighting on the attack of Pearl Harbor?


Was the soldiers alarmed before the attack on pearl harbor?

No the soldiers were not expecting the attack it was surprising.

What did the United States did to Japan after the attack on pearl harbor?

Three words. IT'S ON *****

Which countries were involved in the attack of pearl harbor?

Japan attacked the United States

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