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No, there have been others since then, most notably the slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 by Hutus.

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Q: Was the holocaust the last genocide?
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Why did the holocaust experience genocide?

Genocide was the word used to describe what happened in the Holocaust.

Is every genocide a holocaust?

No, the Holocaust is the name of one specific attempted genocide.

What are 3 incidents of genocide?

The Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide and the Armenian genocide.

What are 2 incidents of genocide?

The Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

Was the Rwandan genocide a second Holocaust?

"The Holocaust" was the name given to the Jewish genocide after the fact. The Rwandan genocide does not have a specific name, but they are both genocides.

Can you name three cases of genocide?

The Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide and the Armenian genocide.

How long do genocides usually last?

Genocides typically last until (1) a foreign army intervenes and shuts down the genocide (such as in the Jewish Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, or Cambodian Genocide), or (2) the genocide is generally deemed to be complete or successful (such as in the Armenian genocide, genocide against the Wampanoag). There is no set time frame in either case.

What is the difference between a Holocaust and a genocide?

There isn't really any difference, the Holocaust just refers to the genocide of the Jews during WW2, so the Holocaust was a genocide, it just refers to a specific one.

What is the Holocaust considered as?

Genocide is the answer.

What was the holocaste about?

The Holocaust was the systematic genocide of 8 million Jews. The holocaust was the genocide of over 8 million people.

What does genocide has to do with holocaust?

the holocause is a genoside

The Nazis practiced genocide which is the?