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Q: Was there no intermission during an ancient Greek play?
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What does inter mean in intermission?

The intermission during a play is when all the actors take a break in the middle of the play.

What is a sentence for the word 'intermission'?

Long plays and movies often have an intermission for the comfort of viewers.

How was the staging of Greek drama during the period of Antigone described?

It was sophisticated art direction done by the play writers of ancient Greek time.

What are the parts of a play?

Acts and a intermission.

What is an ancient Greek play?

The Eumenides, written by Aeschylus.

Did ancient greek children have play time at school?


How do you play mythology?

you can be a Greek god or goddess from ancient Greece and you can play it outside with your friends

In which city is the play 'Antigone' set?

Thebes is the city in which the play "Antigone" is set.Specifically, the city is located in Greece. It is still in existence. Its ruins testify to an ancient past, during which the city played a prominent part in ancient Greek civilization. In fact, the play "Antigone" focuses on a critical stage in the history of ancient Thebes.

How many breaks are the play phantom of the opera?

One. The intermission.

Is intermission a verb?

Intermission is not a verb, because it is not an action. Intermission is a noun that means the period in between acts in a play or other event where the audience gets to stand up and stretch while they change scenes. :)

How many people could attend greek plays?

18,000 people can attend an ancient Greek play!

What role did religion play in ancient greek civilzations?

Nothing there stupid